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In a Bubble of Time

by Susy Matthew
Publisher: Prakash Books (2012)    |     ISBN 10:     |     ISBN 13: 9788172343866
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Book Summary
The mighty Roman empire rules the world with an iron fist but one nation refuses to bow to the Imperial throne. Palestine(as called by Rome, and a collection of different nations and many faiths) includes little Judea in these borders; a nation of fierce independence and a monotheist religion. In the midst of these turbulent times, when history turns on its head and B.C. moves into A.D., two women find their lives molded by the intrigues and plots of royalty and clergy. Deborah, fiery and outspoken, comfortable in her birth right as the upper class of Jewish society: he, a Roman Centurion stationed at the cosmopolitan port of Caesarea, capital of Palestine where Romans, Greeks and Jews coexist in an uneasy harmony. Joanna, conservative and traditional, from the lowly village of Emmaus, Judea; he, a powerful court official who buys her from the market to save her from a life of slavery and introduces her to the royal court of Herod. Sometimes, Fiction is needed to bring Fact to life. In the pages of this book, history is brought to life through the lives of these fictional women of substance and the irresistible charisma of one man who met them to paint a timeless story of love in a fickle, uncertain, bubble of time. An enthralling read, sure to keep readers fascinated till the end. An easy-to-read engaging page-turner.
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About the Author
A Malaysian of Indian origin, Susy Matthew came to India after completing her GCE in Sabah, Malaysia. She completed her further studies in architecture in Bangalore, India. An ......
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