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Mr. Majestic

by Zac O Yeah
Publisher: Hachette India (2012)    |     ISBN 10: 9350095157    |     ISBN 13: 9789350095157
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Book Summary
"Zac O'Yeah's crime fiction is quirky, amusing and teeming with unforgettable characters. A deliciously waggish take on modern India with all its idiosyncrasies and complexities.' –Tarquin Hall, author of the Vish Puri series\ \ 'Among the many genre pleasures of Mr Majestic: The Tout of Bengaluru is a redolently pulpy Indian thriller that doubles as authentic Bangalore noir. Zac O'Yeah and Hari Majestic - local firang pulpmeister and international local detective – arrive on the scene of the crime to give us an amusing, zippy, suspenseful mystery that will have you properly sandalwooded and Bangalored, Majestic style.' – Pradeep Sebastian, author of The Groaning Shelf and Other Instances of Book Love \ \ Another comic tour de force from crime writer Zac O'Yeah\ \ Mr Majestic – given name Hari, aka Harry, Cyber Scammer Director Bongjee, No. 1 Tout of Bengaluru – is having the worst day of his life. Not just because he is trying to escape a muscled thug who is making enquiries about a scam luring gorgeous young hopefuls into the world of Indian cinema (and Hari wishes so much he wasn’t guilty as charged); not just because he has witnessed his childhood idol, superstar Jagatprasiddha, get seriously wounded in a smash-up involving a cow and a pink Porsche; nor just because a decrepit foreign tourist is inadvertently dead at his hands. It is the worst day of Hari's life because the missing girl he has been hired to dig out from the bowels of Bengaluru – for a reasonable sum – is the wrong woman to fall in love with. \ \ Hot on the trail of the gorgeous Madhuri, Hari finds himself playing the toughest game of his life against Bengaluru's underworld – a vast sleaze-pit of manic drivers, sewage lakes, cheap rum, dicey non-veg, video pirates, sundry lowlifes, and men who kill for a living. Soon Hari is forced to doubt his odds of survival and ask himself the inevitable: will he be reborn as a cockroach?"\
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About the Author
"Zac O’Yeah used to work at a theatre in Gothenburg, Sweden – the harbor town where his detective novel “Once Upon A Time In ......
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