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Edicions Xerais de Galicia

About the publisher
Founded in 1979 in Vigo by Julian Rivas Maure and German Sanchez Ruiperez , part of Grupo Anaya since 1988 , the year he was born is publishing group, which since January 2004 is integrated in the Lagardère Group.\n\nPublishes books primarily in galician , of all genres, as well as textbooks and disclosure. Published two dictionaries which are among the most popular of the Galician language, marking a milestone in the spread editorial lexicography general: the General Dictionary of Language (layers of oranges), with some etymologies and pronunciations and who studied with whole generations of Galicians, and great General Dictionary of Language in 2000, with 2,027 pages and inclusive character, but also discriminates against prescriptions regulations (the norm that, prior to the reform legislation of 2003). Held annually by the Awards General of romance, as well as the Merlin Award for children's literature and since 2006 the Awards Caixa Galicia of juvenile literature.
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  • A Musica Dos Seres Vivos
    by Maria Reimondez
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  • Maria Reimondez On A Musica Dos Seres Vivosthe Music Of Living Beings