Sanjay Shukla

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About the Author

Sanjay was born and brought up in Pantnagar, a reputed university town in the state of Uttarakhand. He has harbored an ambition to write a story ever since his tenth grade. The idea didn’t take off until he completed his bachelor’s study at Pantnagar University and took admission in the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur.


IITK’s environment served as a catalyst to bring the dormant dream to the fore. He took his experiences at IIT Kanpur to springboard his first story.


After his post-graduation from IITK in 2007, Sanjay spent four years with General Electric - Aviation. Recently he has joined Aeronautical Development Agency, Ministry of Defense. Between the chores of corporate life and his personal commitments, he completed work on his first novel ‘Nobody dies a Virgin’.


Apart from writing, the author makes time to pursue his interest in dance, swimming and gliding. Sanjay also pens short poems from time to time.  

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