Giti Chandra

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About the Author

Giti Chandra is Associate Professor at the Department of English, St. Stephen's College, Delhi, has a Ph.D. from Rutgers, New Jersey, on Violence and Collective Identities, and has published a book on the subject: Narrating Violence, Constructing Collective Identities: To witness these wrongs unspeakable (Macmillan UK/US, 2009). She has been a violinist with the Delhi Symphony Orchestra for many years, has been Soprano and Conductor for the St. Stephen’s College Choir and the Capital City Minstrels, created and directed poetry productions for Yatrik, and is the Founder of Incidental Art, a group of actors and musicians who perform when the mood takes them. Giti lives in Gurgaon with her husband and two daughters. The Fang of Summoning is her first novel.

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