Udaya Narayana Singh

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About the Author

A renowned linguist as well as a reputed poet, playwright and essayist in Maithili and Bengali, Prof Udaya Narayana Singh currently holds the Tagore Chair at Rabindra Bhavana, Visva-Bharati and is also the Director, Indira Gandhi Centre for National Integration, Visva-Bharati. Until June 2009, he was the Director of the Central Institute of Indian Languages (CIIL), Mysore. He is Muse India's Contributing Editor for Maithili literature.\
A poet-invitee at the London Book Fair (2009), Frankfurt Book Fair (2006), and the leader of the Cultural Delegation of Writers to China (2007), Professor Singh has visited and lectured in a large number of countries and has received several grants, awards and honors.\
A prolific writer and translator, Prof Singh has to his credit several publications in Maithili, Bengali, English and Hindi. His works have been translated into many Indian and international languages. More details on him can be read in his profile accessible through the link at top left corner.

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