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The Wildings

by Nilanjana Roy
Publisher: Aleph Book Company (2013)    |     ISBN 10: 938227748X    |     ISBN 13: 9789382277484
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Book Summary
A small band of cats lives in the labyrinthine alleys and ruins of Nizamuddin, an old neighborhood in Delhi. Miao, the clan elder, a wise, grave Siamese. Katar, a cat loved by his followers and feared by his enemies. Hulo, the great warrior tom. Beraal, the beautiful queen, swift and deadly when challenged. Southpaw, the kitten whose curiosity can always be counted on to get him into trouble. Unfettered and wild, these and the other members of the tribe fear no one, go where they will and do as they please. Until, one day, a terrified orange-colored kitten with monsoon green eyes and remarkable powers, lands in their midst-setting off a series of extraordinary events that will change their world forever.
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About the Author
Nilanjana Roy is the author of The Wildings (Aleph Book Company, 2012) and The Hundred Names of Darkness (Aleph Book Company, to be published in November 2013). She is a ......
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