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The Spy Who Lost Her Head

by Jane De Suza
Publisher: HarperCollins India (2013)    |     ISBN 10: 9350296055    |     ISBN 13: 9789350296059
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Book Summary
A hilarious read that capitalizes on the humorous potential of the Indian obsession with English 'It is wisefull of you to buy this book. You will be fruitful. I am latest Super Spy, Gulabi. I am a belly from village, searching suitable man but finding only his head. It is murder most fowl! IBut never fear – in the backside, I am ending with a blast! Come join my exploitations.’ A new arrival in the City of Dreams, Gulabi aims to string herself a husband before her lease period is out. Fate, however, has a way of ‘forking’ things up, and Gulabi finds herself catapulted into a series of crime-busting, penguin-chasing adventures. Something is rotten in the city of Mumbai, and Gulabi is on a mission to get to the bottom of it. When an innocent shopping trip goes awry, Gulabi finds herself short of a pumpkin, but in definite possession of a real live dead head. She does the only decent thing: vow to find its killers. Of course, every vengeance mission requires a villain, and Gulabi has two: a dastardly pair she only knows by the names she gives them, the King and Queen. In a chase that involves everyone from magazine-hawking urchins to political bigwigs, Gulabi is unearthing a trail that leads to some very big and very dangerous people, and if she doesn’t watch out, her own head may just be in for a lopping!
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About the Author
Jane De Suza, author of The Spy Who Lost Her head, has an MBA from XLRI. She has headed creative teams with leading advertising agencies across the country and has worked with ......
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