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The Little Bird Who Held the Sky Up with His Feet

by Paro Anand, Ajanta Guhathakurta
Publisher:  (1970)    |     ISBN 10: 8129121174    |     ISBN 13: 9788129121172
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Book Summary
Animals and birds inhabit this tale of extraordinary courage, told by one of Indias best childrens writers. When danger comes to a large forest filled with big, brave animals, only a tiny bird can save everyone... The forest stands still as the black clouds begin to roll in again. Every year, the Monsoon Armys rain comes down harder, destroying trees and plants, nests and burrows. And the rain brings with it gushing, flooded rivers. This year, all the animals know the army will not stop till it has washed away their homes. Should they flee? Should they fight? Or will they trust the unlikeliest hero among them to save their lives?
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Price: ₹ 150

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  • Paro Anand |
  • Ajanta Guhathakurta

Paro Anand is the author of 18 books for children and young adults, including plays, short stories, novellas and novels. She is also published in several anthologies and has ......
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