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The Diary of Amos Lee: I m Twelve, I m Tough, I Tweet!

by Adeline Foo
Publisher: Hachette India (1970)    |     ISBN 10: 9350092972    |     ISBN 13: 9789350092972
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Book Summary
The hottest new diary sensation becomes the coolest of \'em all! It\'s my last year in junior school and I\'m taking part in my school\'s newly launched Tween Idol Contest! I got myself a Twitter account, to gain supporters who will vote for me. I\'m furious that my arch enemy Michael is doing th same. Oh man, he\'s everywhere ? Facebook, IM, YouTube, you name it, while I deal with the worst zit-attack ever, besides having to look after Everest while Mum blogs away nonstop! But what he doesn\'t realize is how poular I am, now that I am writing the exciting new journal of the times ? Poop Fiction. That alone will win me several thousand fans, even though it has made me lose my place on the swim team. And my secret weapon? My sister WPI (Whiny, Pesky and Irritating) and her two-girl band. She is so popular these days that it\'s good to be her big brother. I\'m kind of sad that my best friend Alvin is also running against me in the contest, but hey, may the best man win. Psst... I\'ve got a few tricks up my sleeve...
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Price: ₹ 195

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