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The best thing about you is you

by Anupam Kher
Publisher: Hay House (2011)    |     ISBN 10: 9381431175    |     ISBN 13: 9381431177
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Book Summary
The wisdom behind this book lies in the belief that there are more lessons to be learned through failures than through success. Keeping this mantra in mind, Anupam Kher, a highly adored veteran Indian actor, talks about his life’s invaluable experiences. Kher observes just how much discontent has seeped into the society today. In spite of our triumphs, most of us are worried and stressed on a daily basis for various reasons. Anupam Kher discusses how we can knowingly teach ourselves to live fully in the present. Spread across 50 chapters, the actor-turned-life-coach talks about his tested mantras of success and practical things-to-do that can be followed every day. Kher takes examples from the real world to emphasize the significance of positivity and self-motivation in the journey of self-realization.
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About the Author
Anupam Kher is a renowned Bollywood actor who has appeared in more than 450 films and 100 plays. A versatile performer, he has donned numerous roles and is best known for his ......
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