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by Margaret Mascarenhas
Publisher: Penguin Books India (2001)    |     ISBN 10: 141004657    |     ISBN 13: 9780141004655
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Book Summary
One evening in a bar in California, Pagan Miranda Flores finds herself pointing a gun at a drunk who promises to keep her happy the way women deserve to beýýbarefoot and pregnant from sixteen to sixtyý. That is when she decides to take a break from America, from her job and her lover, and journeys to Goa, where her grandmother Dona Gabriela lies on her deathbed. As she reacquaints herself with her Indian family, Pagan revives old relationshipsýand disaffectionsýand is drawn back into the rhythm of life in the village that she knew as a child. Until her old ayah, Esperanca, begins to tell her about the history of her family... In Esperancaýs strange and haunting stories, reality and fantasy overlap in a grand narrative of greed, passion and memory. Pagan learns of an iron-willed matriarch who mainpulated her children and their lives to preserve appearances, a slave runner destroyed by his own ambition, and a family of powerful women who kept alive the magical tradition of the African goddess in the midst of degradation. An engrossing tapestry of tales that spans three continents and several generations, Skin is an exhilarating first novel that celebrates the art of storytelling.
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About the Author
MARGARET MASCARENHAS is a novelist, independent curator, consulting editor, and op ed columnist. She is the author of the diasporic novel, Skin, published ......
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