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Non-Stop India

by Mark Tully
Publisher: Penguin Books India (-0001)    |     ISBN 10: 0670083895    |     ISBN 13:
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Book Summary
"Non-Stop India follows up on Tully’s 1991 book No Full Stops in India, a collection of stories on issues such as the caste and the sati system. No Full Stops in India was written at the time when License Permit Raj was taking its last breath, and during the era when the Nehru-Gandhi unanimity was in power. Now, with Non-Stop India, Tully tracks the changes that have occurred on the socio-political scene since that time. In the book, Tully narrates stories of his travels across India, during which he observed many disturbing flaws in the country’s governance. He discusses issues as diverse as the caste system, corruption, weak policy implementation, and preservation of tigers. He takes a look at the enduring impact of colonial values in the Indian education system and at the politics of vote banking with reference to Dalits or former Untouchables. In review of these issues, his aim is to express the potential for improvement as much as it is to point out governance loopholes. He expresses optimism but demands immediate action, making his optimism conditional."
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About the Author
Sir Mark Tully OBE, (born William Mark Tully in 1935) is the former Bureau Chief of BBC, New Delhi. He spent the first decade of his childhood in India, although without being ......
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