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Music of the Spinning Wheel

by Sudheendra Kulkarni
Publisher: Amaryllis (2012)    |     ISBN 10:     |     ISBN 13: 9789381506165
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Book Summary
Music of the Spinning Wheel aims to re-project the life and the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi in the 21 century. This fascinating book looks at the Internet age via Gandhi's ideals, and encourages the reader to think and explore the possibility of the Internet to become an avatar of Gandhi's spinning wheel. Gandhi's spinning wheel was symbolic of economic independence, spiritual/moral growth and cultural identity. Sudheendra Kulkarni draws a correlation between the amazing potential of the Internet and the moral message of the spinning wheel. The book presents Gandhi's life and mission in an altogether new and integral light. It proposes the marriage of modern technologies with swaraj and satyagraha for the shaping of a non-violent existence. The book also warns its reader that the Internet holds the possibility of ushering a non-violent existence in the human race only if world affairs have a strong ethical grounding. This is exactly what Gandhi had attempted in his time with his humble machine the spinning wheel. The book features people who were deeply influenced by Gandhi's life philosophy including Steve Jobs, the iconic founder of Apple inc.
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About the Author
Sudheendra Kulkarni is a political activist and a columnist from India. He worked for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), India’s main opposition party, for thirteen years. ......
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