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Magical Indian Myths

by Anita Nair
Publisher: Puffin (1970)    |     ISBN 10: 0143330047    |     ISBN 13: 9780143330042
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Book Summary
When Surya the sun god got married his wife could not bear the heat of his rays and ran away. Surya was heartbroken and the world plunged into darkness. A dwarf asked a king for some land, which he measured with three footsteps, and ended up claiming the earth and the sky. Sage Daksha got his daughters married to the moon, but later, in a fit of rage, cursed the moon with consumption, making it wax and wane...
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Price: ₹ 499

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About the Author
Anita Nair is a popular Indian English-language writer. She was born at Mundakottakurissi, near Shornur in Kerala State. A bestselling author of fiction and poetry, her novels The ......
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