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Kornelia's Kitchen

by Kornelia Santoro
Publisher: GOA 1556 AND BROADWAY PUBLISHING HOUSE (2010)    |     ISBN 10: 9380739079    |     ISBN 13: 978-9380739076
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Book Summary
Yes, you can! That’s Kornelia Santoro’s message when it comes to cooking Mediterranean food in India, based on locally-available ingredients. Most recipes are Italian, but there are recipes from Greece, as well as some from the Middle East too. Having received so many compliments for her cooking, and with experience as a journalist in Germany, Kornelia was searching for something to get those creative juices flowing. “I enjoy being creative,” she says, “I like writing and I love to watch cooking shows. I follow the ‘Australian Masterchef’ religiously but I couldn’t find the necessary ingredients to cook the same dishes here. Tired of my complaints, my husband suggested I write my own cookbook.” Most of the recipes include ingredients that can be sourced locally and personal anecdotes and health tips accompany the recipes, a concept she thanks the Goa Writer’s Group for.Kornelia’s repertoire of recipes comes from cooking for her family and includes such favourites as Crusty Garlic Bread, Tuna Pate, Beef Tournay, the creamy Humus and tangy Tsatsiki. Well then, time to don those aprons and get cooking in ‘Kornelia’s Kitchen’. I believe cooking is spiritual. When I cook, the love for my family and for my friends flows into the food”, says Kornelia Santoro. “We love Mediterranean Cuisine, but preparing the dishes can be a challenge in a country like India. In my recipes I only use ingredients you find everywhere in Goa, nothing fancy,” explains the author. “We are what we eat. If you want to keep your family healthy, home cooking is the way,” states Kornelia Santoro. “I consider cooking my favourite meditation. I always try to be in a good mood when I am preparing food in my kitchen. I have some music on and I dance around. Meals taste so much better when they are made with love.”
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About the Author
Kornelia Santoro is a German writer living in Goa, India, who spezialices in food writing. She has published her experiences of almost two decades cooking Mediterranean food in ......
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