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Inspector Singh Investigates: The Singapore School Of Villainy

by Shamini Flint
Publisher: Hachette India (1970)    |     ISBN 10: 0749929774    |     ISBN 13: 9780749929770
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Book Summary
Inspector Singh is home - and how he wishes he wasnt. His wife nags him at breakfast and his superiors are whiling away their time by giving him his usual youre a disgrace to the force lecture. Fortunately for Singh, there is no rest for the wicked when he is called out to the murder of a senior partner at an international law firm, clubbed to death at his desk. Unfortunately for Singh, there is no shortage of suspects - from the victims fellow partners to his wife and ex-wife - or motives, as many of the lawyers have secrets they would kill to protect. And very soon Singh finds himself heading up an investigation that rips apart the fabric of Singapore society and exposes the rotten core beneath. Perhaps coming home wasnt such a good idea, after all...?...
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Price: ₹ 295

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