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How To Make Enemies And Offend People

by G Sampath
Publisher: Penguin Books India (2013)    |     ISBN 10: 670087033    |     ISBN 13: 9780670087037
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Book Summary
Ever since the Radia tapes were leaked, my wife has been extremely upset. I tried to reason with her. ‘Believe me,’ I said, ‘I did talk to Niira Radia. Is it my fault that my conversation with her has not been leaked?’ Often described as ‘the funniest ever writer to have come out of trans-Yamuna Delhi in the 75–77kg category’, G. Sampath launches a hilarious counter-offensive against perpetually offense-taking offensive people and issues in this small but potent volume. From Ajay Devgn’s nipples to his wife’s real estate ambitions, Arnab Goswami’s special powers to male virgins’ special problems, sari-obsessed women to pesticide-obsessed farmers, Sampath runs his vampire-like fingernails across the private obsessions and public frustrations of the Indian Everyman. Wily old genius that he is, where you expect him to draw blood, he draws a chuckle.
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About the Author
G. Sampath is a Delhi-based journalist and columnist. He has also worked as a schoolteacher, advertising copywriter, corporate communications manager, spin doctor, executive ......
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