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Catching the Departed

by Kulpreet Yadav
Publisher: Tara (2014)    |     ISBN 10: 8183860664    |     ISBN 13: 9788183860666
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Book Summary
The dead don't speak. But sometimes they leave a trail. Andy Karan, an investigative journalist, is tasked to probe one such the death of a local lawyer. As he begins to unravel the past, within days, he discovers a shadowy parallel life in the village. Instances don t add up and he is quick to realize that there are many loose ends around the drunkard s death. And connections reach far and wide to Mumbai, Murud Janjira island and even the high seas off the western seaboard. But Andy ends up grievously wounded. His new found love Monica's life is in danger too. Catching the Departed is a story of a honest investigative journalist who is caught between state sponsored retribution of two warring nations and politicians who wouldn t stop at anything, not even the end of the world . And he is all of 30 patriotic, vulnerable and expendable. Attributes that can t guarantee his survival.
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About the Author
Kulpreet Yadav’s latest novel 'Catching the Departed' was shortlisted by Hachette-DNA in a contest called 'Hunt for the Next Bestseller' and launched at ‘The Arts House, ......
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