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Alice in Wonderland (Audiobook)

by Lewis Carroll
Publisher: BooksTALK (2011)    |     ISBN 10:     |     ISBN 13: 9788192024561
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Book Summary
For over a hundred years (145 to be precise), Alice's Adventures in Wonderland continues to be one of the best books published on an American Independence day. A rare work that like some gaulish villagers is enchanting at all ages. The story is of Alice, a young girl who falls down a rabbit hole. Her encounters with all sorts of humanlike animals plays with logic in ways that get curioser and curioser. Its meaning and intent are still debated, especially in light of the 'Carroll myth' (read more about it inside!). It is one of the original works of literary nonsense, and has inspired countless songs, movies, books and applications on the latest devices with names of fruits. Sure its a book thats been around for some time, and sure you may have read it. So why bring it out in audio now? Because this is one for the ears. Just listen to Arundhati Raja narrate it. And we bet, whether you a 6 year old or the parent of one, you will be ready to dance the quadrille with the salmon and the turtle.
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