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A Backpack And A Bit Of Luck

by Zhang Su Li
Publisher: Marshall Cavendish (2007)    |     ISBN 10: 9833346596    |     ISBN 13: 9789833346592
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Book Summary
This journal is about the importance of trust, and not knowing what the hell you re doing, basically. From the stylish geriatric, to an 18th Century pickled egg of a glutton with a wooden leg, and toasting marshmallows amongst 2.5 million corpses, these stories tell of a different type of beauty -- one which reveals itself only when our minds and hearts are open. It's also about spiritual growth, and the abundance of kindness in this world. What's attractive to the potential buyer is that this book appeals to the human spirit's sense of freedom and adventure! Be surprised and be enticed! EXCERPTS: "It was midnight. I was lost. Now, where was that accomodation booked for me by friend of a friend's auntie's brother-in-law's mechanic's wife's seamstress tarot reader's uncle's long lost one-eyed twin?!" ~ "I bit into a sago larvae. It had a crisp shell that collapsed easily between my teeth. The inside oozed out like warm custard with a nutty flavour." ~ "There was something in the air that transformed red to ruby, yellow to saffron, blue to azure, green to emerald, orange to gold." ~ "The 'Three Nuns 'was down the road from the 'Slug and Lettuce'. And I'd expect to find, next, the 'Sugared Almond and Toothless Old Lady', 'Dung Beetle and Limousine', or perhaps 'Chiwawa and Cocaine'." ~ "She didn't speak English. And I didn't speak German. But the universal language of marshmallows spoke for us."\\\
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About the Author
Zhang Su Li is a copywriter and a traveller with no sense of direction. Her first book, “A backpack and a bit of luck” made it into the Top 10 bestseller list in ......
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